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About Us

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About CEAC

  • Promote the study, practice and dissemination of the Spiritist-Christian Doctrine, through knowledge of the doctrine and experience of love and charity, contributing to the evolution of incarnate and disincarnate humanity.

  • To be a Spiritist institution that welcomes all who seek it, providing quality services to the local community, assisting in moral evolution in the light of the Spiritist Doctrine for the construction of a more just and supportive society through Spiritist knowledge and experience.

  • Love

  • Charity

  • Coherence

  • Commitment

  • Cooperation

  • Discipline

  • Empathy

  • Faith

  • Fraternity

  • Honesty

  • Humility

  • Perseverance

  • Respect

  • Tolerance

of our president

Daughters of Catholic parents, Elizete Neves embraced the Spiritist Doctrine in 1972. She began her journey at the Spiritist Center "Obreiros do Senhor" in São Bernardo do Campo/SP, Brazil, participating in evangelization studies. Subsequently, she engaged in studies and practices of mediumship, spiritual interviews, among other activities.

Over four years, she honed her mediumistic skills, becoming a member of the Collegiate of Mediums, engaged in activities of spiritual healing and assisting alcoholics. From 1976 to 1988, she continued her involvement at the "Obreiros do Senhor" center.

In 1989, while residing in Jardinópolis (SP), Elizete began contributing to the "Bezerra de Menezes" Spiritist Center as a healing-pass worker and lecturer for four and a half years.

Tragically, the brutal murder of one of her daughters, Roberta, in November 1993, marked a challenging period in her life in Brazil. After much resistance, Elizete, along with her husband Moacyr, made the decision to move to Orlando, FL (USA) in 1997, where they quickly established a study group on the Spiritist Doctrine.

This study group later evolved into the "Allan Kardec Spiritist Center."


In 2004, a second center was established: the "Love and Charity Spiritist Center," where Elizete currently serves as the president.

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